You have the power to enhance a student's experience in Canada!


When you host international students, they become a part of your family. It offers you and your family a wonderful educational experience and provides amazing insights into other cultures. It is not a matter of simply renting out a room in your house, it is about meeting people from other countries and learning their customs and cultures.

Most families find hosting to be a very rewarding experience. Frequently, student(s) and the family members bond in such a special way that they stay friends for a long time. 

If you are interested to be a homestay partner with us, contact us now.

In fostering the process of cultural exchange, the Homestay program helps to create a more prosperous and peaceful world based on a cross cultural understanding.

What do you need to be a host family?

Your home is expected to be in excellent conditions. The room(s) for the student(s) must have all the conveniences that a student will need. All student bedrooms must be furnished, containing at least: a bed, a study desk and chair, a chest of drawers and/or closet space and a study lamp.

You must provide the student with a safe and clean environment. When the student arrives, someone must be home to welcome the student.

The bedroom should be ready for his/her arrival. It should be clean and tidy (including clean bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets) You must have an open mind to all types of cultures. Different cultures have different customs and you must keep this in mind when engaging in cultural exchange. Interaction & Communication: Many students come to Canada to improve their English.

It is very important that the host family members interact often with the student(s). Many students speak little English, so if necessary please be patient and speak slowly when communicating with him/her. If they still do not understand you, try writing it down. Sometimes reading English is much easier than listening/speaking for our students.